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Thank you for being an Admissions Ambassador!

When we look at the history of what brought each family to WSOC, it’s clear that we are overwhelmingly supported by word-of-mouth referrals from current families. Our happy community members are our very best marketing!

Sharing the gifts of a Waldorf education with another parent is a valuable opportunity for a parent who may be unfamiliar with this extraordinary curriculum.

Who is this school “right for”?

The answer is, every child. For the child who is “advanced” and moves rapidly through academics, it provides a balance into the opposing realms of their brain – dexterity, spatial dynamics and social-emotional strengths. For the child who struggles with academics, the curriculum allows the space for growth at the student’s own pace without the pressure of being labeled, while inspiring the student to reach his full potential. Waldorf curriculum, more than anything, provides a “balance” that helps to nurture a well-rounded student into a happy and successful adult.

Every time a parent recommends our school to a friend or family member, we increase our reach and potential for even greater success for us all. To thank you for your recommendation, we are very pleased to offer you a token of our gratitude for every referral you make who completes registration at our school.

Thank you for your referral and for supporting our school.

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